Planetary Geophysics provides full survey design, data acquisition, project management, data processing, interpretation and consultation services.


Planetary Geophysics uses instruments from two different manufacturers; Iris Instruments (France) and Instrumentation GDD Inc. (Canada), using different combinations of transmitters and receivers depending on the technical demands of each specific jobs.



High resolution Ground Magnetics are conducted on a point -to-point or continuous basis with GEM System High Precision GSM19 Overhauser Magnetometer's with integrated GPS system for navigation.


Planetary conducts precision land gravity surveys with a Lacoste & Romberg gravimeter and the Scintrex CG-5 AutoGrav Gravity meter, using Total Stations and Leica RTK Differential GPS systems for elevation control. 



Next Generation High Powered Time Domain Ground EM System
The HaiTEM has evolved from research and construction of Airborne EM systems over the last decade. The Airborne application being demanding in terms of system design and performance, has been carried across into the HaiTEM Ground EM design. The system is extremely safe, easy to use, very mobile and easily transported.

Full recording of each EM decay for post processing
Automatically detect the Transmitter and commence recording
Both Receiver and Transmitter are synchronised by GPS
Receive coil used can be chosen based on the nature of the environment to optimize noise levels or speed of response

Lightweight portable battery powered transmitter
Turnoff time is in the order of 60us
Transmitter operates from 48V to 72V for operator safety
Battery operation yields the best quality data

An advance in the design for speed and low self-response within the coil.
Developed to exhibit minimal self response and have very fast response times. This enables measurements in resistive environments where “Normal” coils fail.
Specialized construction techniques, along with a specialized conditioning pre-amplifier.
The HaiTEM data files record each individual decay. Post processing software allows for selection of parameters to optimise the extraction of signal from the recorded data.


Magnetotellurics can be used for the following applications:

  • Oil and gas                  
  • Kimberlites (Diamonds)           
  • Earthquake research
  • Metals and minerals     
  • Geothermal reservoirs              
  • Engineering and environmental
  • Groundwater              
  •  Monitoring

Planetary Geophysics uses the MTU-5A series Unit manufactured by Phoenix Geophysics
Features of the MTU-5A:
Lightweight, portable, rugged
No cable links required
GPS synchronized
10 000Hz to 0.00002Hz
24-bit digital resolution
Wide dynamic range
Operable from —20°C to +50°C
Available with 2, 3, or 5 channels per instrument (electric, magnetic, or both)
Unlimited number of channels per system

The MTU is the heart of the V5 System 2000. Introduced in the late 1990s, this patented system has now been used at tens of thousands of survey sites worldwide.
Flexibility of station spacing from kilometres to tens of metres facilitates cost-effective broad reconnaissance or resolution of fine details in a variety of applications.
The MT techniques are excellent supplements to seismic in hydrocarbon exploration, but can also be used alone if logistics or geology make seismic impractical.

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